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What is Leadology?
Leadology is the title of my new methodology series on the art of lead trombone playing. (Volume 1 is now available!)
As such, it consists of new long tones, warmups, exercises, etudes, annotated style guides from my recorded music (large jazz ensemble, the rock horn band Vinyl Hampdin library, and new Trombone Band pieces composed specifically for Leadology) as well as discussions of and pedagogy for developing style. (and CARTOONS!)

Volume 2 will consist of tools for improvisation and technique, a discussion of gear and lots of etudes, duets, and–of course–cartoons! Volume 2 will be coming soon...hopefully Fall of 2024.

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For Leadology Members

Here's what is being put together e'en as we byte:

A a Member, you can send in questions for the monthly Leadology Podcast guest artist.

You become part of a direct special communication network for the latest and greatest!

The Leadology Forum (with multiple categories and posting options!)

A  blog-vlog from yours truly

A listening room: The Leadology listening list in the form of LINKS!

The Jazz Trombone Resource Site (as described in Leadology Vol 1)

New etudes, exercises, and CARTOONS!

A free monthly masterclass with me featuring designated members open to ALL members.

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