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Gliss Tones Soundscape
Here's a video with the Gliss Tones Soundscape and lovely nature scenes for you to enjoy whilst glissing.
Time to git all GLISSFUL Y'all!
Here's a sneak peek from Leadology (Vol 1).
These are what I call "gliss tones" or "om tones." I begin my warm up everyday with these, and recommend them highly.

Click on the gliss tones soundscape track above for an extra level of fun.
I've added myself on trombone tracked four times to add to
the ambiance and to give you something to zero in on.
Because I am multi-tracked, it seems as though I'm never breathing...
but I AM, and you will need to as well :)
Therefore, remember to let your air run out completely, then RELAX and LET new air flow in FULLY. Take your time and fuel up.

Much more to come!
Use This HERE!.png
And, for those of you who would like to see what's going on with the Gliss Track harmonically, here is the score:

Much more to come!
Gliss Score 1.png
Gliss Score 2.png
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