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Welcome to The Leadology Blog!

Welcome everyone! Well how fun is THIS? As much as possible (and it will be possible A LOT) I'm gonna post thoughts, articles, plans, and a myriad of prose flub-dub right here. I'll be talking trombone, improvisaton, composition, arranging, prose, sci-fi, cartoons, comedy...essentially, STUFF!

Today, I'm in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my dear friends Glenn Kostur and Randy Hamm. We first met at the University of North Texas after I had left Maynard's band back in 1985 (WOWZA..has it been THAT long ago?) Glenn ran the jazz program at UNM for years and is now an Associate Dean. He is a supremely gifted writer and saxophonist and also played with Maynard on the road and recordings for years. Randy ran the jazz program and taught sax at Missouri State University for decades and is now happily retired and doing more playing and writing than ever. The world is a better place with cats like these two and I am having such fun getting to hang with them as we work with young students of jazz.

Lemme know about some of your friends and people that you know where you can be apart for years and then get back together and pick up right where you left off.

In the final analysis...ain't life GRAND?!

L-R: Yours Truly, Glenn Kostur, Randy Hamm. Three young fellas cuttin' up causin' trouble!

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