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The Steve Wiest Leadology Residency

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(From The Video)

Hi Folks! Steve Wiest here at the beautiful Elmhurst University Campus. I'm enjoying a day of Leadology lessons and get-togethers, and I'd like to do the same at YOUR school. So, if you can hook up with my man Brian Horner:




...he can work it out and we'll get together for one, two, three days...a RESIDENCY at your school. We'll talk about Leadology, masterclasses, work with your jazz band(s) trombone choir, all kinds of stuff! Anything you can come up with–composition classes, the whole works! (I also love to talk about music business)

Let's do it! And while we're at it...I'd love to write something for your trombone choir and/or jazz band! Let's talk about commissions as well.

Let's get together man! it's time to make some MAGIC with: LEADOLOGY.

See Ya soon!

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