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Hey Folks! Do you dig what's going on here at Leadology ( with the Leadology Podcast and ALL the other cool stuff as much as I do? Well, if THAT is the case, then you dig it MUCHLY and I appreciate it PROFOUNDLY.

If you really, REALLY dig it all and want to see it continue for a long, long time...please donate a li'l sumthin'-sumthin' to the cause!

What will I DO with this money? Well, 0.5% goes towards helping our planetary environmental situation (kinda important, you dig?) and the rest goes to the WIESTWORLD Coffers to help yours truly to buy pizza, coffee, and my daily allotment of what-nots (and flubdubs) as well as contributing to my ongoing work on this site and the books.

So, please help my man Clarence and his pal George to get an Angel its wings today! Just click on the button below and make some MAGIC...

I thank you MUCHO and love you MADLY!

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