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Do you have your copy of Leadology (Vol 1)  yet? Well, if you DO and you are enjoying the shed-journey thereof, please consider sending me a sentence or two that I can post here. This will REALLY help to spread the word and move some product ( angel will get its wings!)

“Steve has crafted a true love letter to the institution of trombone lead playing. A wealth of practical information, anecdotes, etudes, backing tracks and wry cartoons work together to usher the reader into this world of bold, beautiful melodic expression called “lead playing”. As a certified “monster” trombonist, his trombone playing can back it up, too! Most importantly, I can put off writing my book for another few years while I learn from this one. Bravo, my friend!”

—Michael Dease, Lead Trombone Christian McBride Big Band, Michigan State University Professor of Jazz Trombone, 2023 Downbeat Critics Poll Trombonist of the Year

“Steve has written an amazing book to make playing in the upper register much easier. I find the exercises great to work on and, the play along tracks really make it fun to practice them. His technique of achieving that goal is something I’ve never thought of. A must purchase if you’re an aspiring lead player.”

—Linda Landis, Lead Trombone Columbus Jazz Orchestra, Columbus Symphony, Private Teacher

I was a fan of Steve's Take the Lead when it came out and this new book and website take those nuggets of wisdom and update them for the internet generation, with musical examples, range exercises, and more. He shows exactly the difference between playing 1st tbn and playing LEAD! I love the transcriptions of his lead parts with detailed explanations of why he chooses each alternate position and what extra inflections to play. I look forward to spending a LOT of time with this book! Bravo Steve!

Joshua Hauser

Professor of Trombone

Tennessee Tech University

"A must-read from Steve Wiest .....

not just for trombonists but all jazz ensemble players and writers!!"

Ed Puddick – Composer, Arranger, Bandleader: Marlborough, Wiltshire, U.K.

"Steve's approach to teaching is great! He took the time to listen and understand where my playing was at and tailor the lesson to help address some of my challenges with upper register and general playing. For the longest time I had heard about air efficiency but never really understood what it was all about or how to actually work on it till Steve explained and demonstrated throughout the lesson. There are alot of post lesson shed assignments to keep you moving forward in between lessons, so expect to work!


The etudes and snippets I have seen so far from his book are great as it incorporates familiar exercises and challenging next level exercises (it's no wonder why he can play like he does). The excerpts from the book are helping me develop air efficiency, flexibility and range from the ground up and I will definitely be buying the book once released."


Brian H – Perth Australia

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