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The critically-acclaimed recording project featuring Steve Wiest and the Eclectric Band: Daniel Pardo: flutes, Stockton Helbing: drums, Ryan Davidson and Noel Johnston: guitars, and Braylon Lacy: bass with an incredible group of guest arftists including: Jimmy Pankow: trombone, Jason Scheff: vocals, Keith Howland: guitar, Bob Mintzer: tenor sax and bass clarinet, and Arlington Jones: piano. Also featured throughout is an epic trombone choir: Manaical 4 +1: Carl Lundgren, Alex Dubrov, Nick Laufer, Matt Jefferson, and Jon Gauer.


CONCERTO FOR FOLDED SPACE is a programmatic tour de force that is inspired by the ten short stories from the novel of the same name, telling the tale of humanity's long relationship with extraterrestrials in ten movements with all of the emotional depth of a cinematic score. Straight ahead jazz, funk, rock, and everything in between!

Concerto For Folded Space (CD)

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