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Welcome to the headquarters for Leadology:
an online trombone community built around my new series of books
on the art of lead trombone playing.

This site is currently under construction.

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Leadology Volume 1 is now available for purchase right here at

Click on SHOP on the menu or THIS LINK or the image above and you'll be directed to the Leadology Store.

Leadology Volume 1 is Available in Physical Book or PDF.

The 30 Etude Tracks and Examples are available via the menu above.





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A monthly podcast for Leadology Members. Hosted by Steve Wiest and graced with a guest artist. Discussion, listening, hang-time, Q&A, and lots of HUGE fun! A good time will be had by all: GUARANTEED!

Our first special guest artist will be the lead trombonist with The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra, Director of the School of Music at UNLV, and Rennaisance Man DELUXE:


Don't miss out!

Become a Member Now!.


The Leadology Trombone Band is a powerhouse group that I put together to play five new original works for jazz trombone ensemble in the spirit of 

Slide Hampton, J and K, The Capital Bones, The Great American Trombone Company and many others!

Check out our first track  "Cafe Cubano right here,

and head on over to the main Trombone Band page

for the entire EP!

Here at we want to establish a robust  trombone community with LOTS of exciting resources. YOUR participation will make that a reality!

Be sure to refresh your browser every time you visit as the site is under constant construction and revision. ...Ya don't want to miss anything!

Steve Wiest Chicago, IL

If you experience any problems at all, please contact me right away at

Glitches can occur in the cyber world,

and I want this site to be a  wonderful experience for all involved.

HEY! We are all trombonists, we need to stick together!

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